CIGI Campus Grand Opening (2012)


In September 2011, CIGI celebrated its tenth anniversary and launched the opening of its new $100-million facility, the CIGI Campus. It became my task to brand the month-long celebration of the campus opening, CIGI’s anniversary and the grand opening of the Balsillie School of International Affairs.


  • Picking up where three large firms had failed.
  • Tremendous work-load for a single designer.
  • Limited time for development.
  • Manage, art direct and develop all design elements.


Campus Opening

Continuing with the clean bold look assigned to CIGI, gold scissors pressed against a blue ribbon were highlighted against a white backdrop. The white space in the design created anticipation for the momentous occasion. When government stipulation prohibited CIGI from calling the event a “grand opening” weeks before the event, I had to think fast and come up with a new direction: “The CIGI Campus Celebration.” Changing the scissors into noisemakers, I was able to order new signage and rebrand all remaining elements.

Can Think Tanks Make a Difference?

To help commemorate CIGI’s tenth anniversary and the opening of its new facility, CIGI hosted a conference entitled “Can Think Tanks Make a Difference?” and it seemed like an appropriate time to use a gold version of Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker.”

The Balsillie School of International Affairs

Jim Balsillie’s School of International Affairs was about to become incorporated and have an official campus. Time to finally create a brand.

After what seemed like one hundred rounds of revisions, the steering committee finally agreed upon the version used today, an interconnected blue and gold globe.

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